Players The Toronto Maple Leafs Should Stay Away From At the Deadline

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Joel Edmundson

I might use this line for a few players in the defensive category but the perception of Edmundson is basically what Simon Benoit actually is. The difference is that Edmundson is not as effective, carries a caphit worth $2.725 million more, and would cost assets to acquire. Although the Leafs could use a player of the big-bodied stay-at-home defender archetype, Edmundson does not fit the bill. At least, not as well as other candidates. He does throw hits and is used in defensive situations, but at his price, he should be avoided.

Andrew Peeke

Much like Edmundson, Peeke is perceived to be what Benoit actually is. If anything, he is a cautionary tale for extending Benoit. His calling card is his defensive play and he has seen his defensive play decline in recent seasons. Although I do not put much weight in plus/minus, it’s notable when you are a -41 on a blueline and the closest player was a -26.

Erik Gudbranson for reference, was a -24! The Blue Jackets bleed scoring chances, shots, and goals when he is on the ice. This is a large reason why he has only featured in 20 games this season on a blueline that has suffered many injuries throughout the year. To boot, he is in the first season of a three year contract worth $2.75 million per season. It would be wise for the Leafs to steer clear of Peeke like the plague.

Erik Johnson

A former first overall pick, a Stanley cup champion, and a pure rental could be an interesting acquisition at face value. At his peak, Johnson was a big-bodied two-way defenseman who had carved out a comfortable spot playing on the Colorado Avalanche. (All Contract Information Via and All Stats Via


Now, at 35 years old, he has slowed down considerably. His production and defensive play have both seen declines in recent years and this is even with a reduced workload. He could be an interesting depth piece with a lower caphit but at $3.25 million, the Leafs should stay away.