Personality Quiz: Which Toronto Maple Leafs Player Are You?

Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs
Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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There's nothing more romantic than the shared experience of the Toronto Maple Leafs. If it's the hockey season and weather permits, head to a nearby outdoor skating rink. Skating hand in hand under the stars can be a romantic way to spend an evening. The cherry on top, is inviting Auston Matthews along to kick things off by sharing a few personalized pointers.

Question 5

One of the perks of playing hockey professionally in the NHL and for the Leafs are the opportunities that get thrown the players' way. They often have the chance to make some side money in the form of sponsorship and commercials.

In the 90's Doug Gilmour was the spokesperson for milk. He starred in a number of "Got Milk?" commercials, but one stood out among the rest. In 1995 he was in an ad with his second wife Amy. Together, the pair did a ballroom dance routine before exposing that they both actually had dairy cows' legs. Amy is the mother to Jake and Tyson Gilmour, the pair we've recently updated everyone on what they're doing now.

Gilour's dancing cow legs may be remembered by a generation of Leafs fans. However, not every commercial lives in the hearts and minds of Leafs faithful.

Most have probably forgotten the time where Mike Zigomanis and Luca Caputi were the brand ambassadors for the blueberry-flavoured edition of Cheetah Power Surge Energy Drink, a product sold by the company owner and recent failed candidate to be Toronto's mayor, Frank D’Angelo.

Choosing the right company and product to endorse makes all the difference. So pick carefully because you'll forever be associated with the brand you represent.

Question 5: Which company would you be most likely to promote?

a) A bank, promoting their point collections

Auston Matthews syle

b) A second rate phone company

Tie Domi style

c) Some chunky soup

Wendel Clark style