Personality Quiz: Which Toronto Maple Leafs Player Are You?

Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs
Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Thank you for participating in the Toronto Maple Leafs personality quiz, the first of its kind. Your results are in.

If you chose mostly 'a' answers: You're most like Auston Matthews. With your boundless energy and determination, you share Matthews' passion for the game and ability to lead by example. You're already ready to hop the boards and get into the action because you're a great teammate who knows what it takes to be successful.

If you chose mostly b answers: You're most like Morgan Rielly. Just as Rielly's steady presence on the ice is valued, your thoughtful and calm approach makes you a reliable and respected figure. There's no problem that can't be figured out. You take the intellectual approach to, much in the same way as Rielly does when faced with options out on the ice. That cunning intellect may at times get you into trouble, but it absolutely helps you get out of it too.

If you chose mostly c answers: You're most like Mitch Marner! Like Marner's engaging and friendly demeanor, you're the life of the party who brings people together with your humor and team spirit. You're the person the coach taps after a tough loss to try and rejuvenate team spirit. While you may have a tendency to take things too far at times, everyone knows your kind-hearted and well meaning so you'll often get a pass even if one of your jokes is a little offside.

If you rushed all the answers in a hurry without paying attention to what you actually chose: You're most like former Maple Leafs general manager and current hanger-on, Cliff "Silver Fox" Fletcher. Your approach is much like his management style, which was to act first and think later. The man loved making trades and cared very little about the slow process of developing young talent. That's right up your alley, letting impulsivity take the wheel without much thought or care for the consequences.

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No matter which personality you landed on, know that you're a valued member of the Toronto Maple Leafs fandom. The good news is that at least you didn't land on the personality of a goaltender. And if you are a goaltender reading this . . . sorry.