NHL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers - (The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Losers)

Breaking down the three biggest winners of this year's NHL Trade Deadline and the three biggest losers.

Vladimir Tarasenko To Florida Panthers Headlines NHL Trade Deadline
Vladimir Tarasenko To Florida Panthers Headlines NHL Trade Deadline / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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Vancouver Canucks (Losers)

The Canucks pulled the trigger on two deals back in January both with the Calgary Flames to acquire Elias Lindholm and Nikita Zadorov.

This led people to believe that the Canucks would be more aggressive teams going into Friday's deadline, but they never ended up making another move.

The Canucks were tied to a lot of big-ticket players, like Jake Guentzel and Tyler Toffoli. They were the only contender in the Western Conference not making moves leading up to the trade deadline.

This Canucks team did not do enough to keep up with the moves up the Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets and Vegas Golden Knights.

On the surface, Lindholm sounds like an impactful upgrade, but if you look a little deeper you'll see he has been anything but impactful only five points at five-on-five in his first 16 games with the Canucks and only has 10 points at five-on-five in 29 games since the new year.

Much like the Maple Leafs, the Canucks stood still while everyone around them got better.

The Cancuks are having a great season and this was a massive missed opportunie for them.