Leafs Loss to Red Wings Causes NHL Schedule to Erupt in Chaos for Final Week

Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers
Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs did their part for chaos on Saturday night.

Taking on the desperate Detroit Red Wings, the Toronto Maple Leafs pulled off a solid three-goal comeback but where unable to finish the Wings off, ulimately losing in OT.

Had the Leafs won in regulation, Detroit would have taken a serious blow to their playoff hopes, but alas, the results from Saturday night ended up being perfect if a crazy finish to the season was what you were hoping for.

(And other than Auston Matthews pursuit of 70 goals, that's about the only reason to even care as we wait patiently for the games to start mattering).

NHL Season Comes Down to the Wire for Four Teams

On Saturday, the Penguins started the day in the lead, but were the only team in competition for the final two spots that lost in regulation, creating an absolutely insane finish to the season.

The Penguins lost, the Islanders lost in OT, and Detroit, Washington and Philly all won their games.

That means that right now the Islanders hold the final Metro spot, while the Capitals, by virtue of the tie-breaker, hold down the final Wild Card spot.

Detroit and Philly are tied with Washington at 87 points, but the Flyers only have one game left, while the other teams each have two.

The Penguins, also with two games left, are one point back with 86.

The Flyers have the worst chance here because they only have a single game left, but Detroit is also in a bad position because they lose the tie-breaker to everyone but the Islanders and cannot qualify for the Metro spot.

The Wings do play Montreal twice, so they've got the easiest schedule.

Washington plays the Flyers and Bruins.

New York plays New Jersey and Pittsurgh.

While the Penguins play the Predators as well as the previously mentioned game against New York.

All in all, this is the craziest finish to a season in recent memory. Personally, I am hoping that the Penguins pull it off and make it because Sidney Crosby not making the playoffs is just wierd. Hockey is better when the best players make the playoffs and who doesn't look forward to the classic Penguins lineup making one last run?

The Leafs finish the season against Florida and Tampa, and both games are essentially meaningless at this point. Tampa can't catch Toronto, and Toronto can't catch Florida.


Florida can catch Boston, however they would have to beat Toronto in their final game while Boston goes 0-2 to finish out the season. Florida does have the tie-breaker, so Boston needs at least two points to win the division if Florida beats the Leafs on Tuesday.