Justin Bieber Is Great For the Toronto Maple Leafs Future

2024 NHL All-Star Thursday
2024 NHL All-Star Thursday / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs are hosting the NHL All-Star Game for the first time in two decades, a significant event that could potentially attract future free agents to the city.

Since being drafted by the Leafs in 2016, Auston Matthews has developed a strong friendship with pop sensation Justin Bieber. Their camaraderie was evident during the recent NHL Player Draft, where the bond seemed to extend to other members of the team, including Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly, and William Nylander.

Toronto stands out as one of the world's greatest cities, boasting a remarkable collection of star power. The city can proudly claim icons such as Drake, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Tate McRae, and Justin Bieber, all representing various genres in the music industry. The presence of these influential figures adds a unique and unparalleled allure to the city.

Drake, serving as the Global Ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, played a pivotal role in garnering global attention for the basketball team, eventually leading to an NBA Championship. While Drake may not have directly influenced player trades or drafts, his consistent courtside presence undoubtedly injected energy and enthusiasm into the team. His continued affiliation with the Raptors positions him as a valuable asset in potential player recruitment.

Justin Bieber's Fandom is Good for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Similarly, Justin Bieber's association with the Leafs carries its own weight. A fervent hockey fan, Bieber consistently supports his favorite team, attending games whenever he's in town. Beyond mere fandom, his genuine connections with the players contribute to a sense of authenticity.

In the realm of hockey, where personal connections and friendships are significant, Auston Matthews' bond with Bieber may have played a role in his decision to re-sign with the Leafs. While the talented player's love for the spotlight and celebrity status likely influenced his decision, the genuine friendship with Bieber could be a unique factor that enhances the overall team dynamic.

With the NHL's best converging on Toronto for the weekend, players like Matthews and Marner, associated with true star power, become the go-to figures for their peers. This star-studded event provides a platform for players like Alex DeBrincat, for example, to get closer to a celebrity lifestyle, potentially influencing their future decisions.

The presence of the biggest star in hockey, Connor McDavid, at the All-Star Game might further strengthen the allure of playing for the hometown team. Observing how Toronto rolls out the red carpet for superstars during events like this could potentially impact McDavid's perspective on joining the Maple Leafs.


Regardless of personal opinions on Bieber, his connection to the Toronto Maple Leafs undeniably adds a positive dimension to the team. Drawing parallels with instances like Taylor Swift's bond with the Kansas City Chiefs leading to another Super Bowl appearance, it's reasonable to speculate that Bieber's continuous relationship with the Leafs might contribute to the team's success, potentially propelling them to a Stanley Cup Finals appearance.