If the Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner It Would Be a Massive Mistake

Maple Leafs Trading Mitch Marner Would Be A Massive Mistake
Maple Leafs Trading Mitch Marner Would Be A Massive Mistake / Claus Andersen/GettyImages
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Maple Leafs Trading Mitch Marner Would Be a Massive Mistake

First, let's look at Marner's performance against the Bruins. Sure, Marner was only on the ice for three goals in the series, but he recorded points for all three.

But look a little bit deeper. You will find that Marner's line was extremely unlucky as he was on the ice for 9.06 expected goals, which was the most of any Maple Leaf forward in this series. 

In addition, the Leafs out-chanced the Bruins 89 to 58 and were +15 in the high-danger chance category while Marner was on the ice in this series, but no one wants to hear this stuff. 

Everyone wants to glaze over all of the positive things Marner did in the playoffs just to push a narrative that Marner is "soft" and not built for the playoffs. But this narrative couldn't be further from the truth either, as Marner has graded out as a top-five defender in the playoffs since 2017 (via Dom Luszczyszyn).

Statistically speaking, there is no good reason to get rid of Mitch Marner.

It is not just Marner who has struggled offensively in the playoffs. The whole team has struggled over the last three years, only scoring 2.64 goals per 60 minutes in the playoffs, compared to the 3.58 goals per 60 they have averaged over that stretch in the regular season. 

But now, let's address the other reason the Maple Leafs want Mitch Marner moved… The salary cap.