Goalie Trades the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a wild ride in the crease this season!

Joseph Woll stole the Toronto Maple Leafs crease after a hot start, but then went down with injury.

Last season's starter, Ilya Samsonov has been sent to the minors after showcasing some of the worst stat lines in the NHL this season. Expected third-stringer, Martin Jones, has since seized the net becoming the star of the Leafs California road trip.

The Leafs have been riding Martin Jones while unproven prospect, Dennis Hildeby, had been warming the bench awaiting his opportunity to arise, but with Jones playing back-to-backs last week, the Hildebeast's opportunity may only come if Jones goes down with an injury.

Where will the Leafs be then? If Jones goes down, the team would have to rely on an AHL goaltender or return to the apparently shellshocked Ilya Samsonov. Is it wise for the Toronto Maple Leafs to be putting so much weight on the back of veteran goaltender, Martin Jones?

The Toronto Maple Leafs Should Acquire Another Goalie

The Leafs have recently re-called Samsonov from the Marlies, but it sounds like the move is more for Hildeby's future than it is for Samsonov's, though there is a good chance he starts tonight.

Hildeby needs to get into games and continue developing with the Marlies, but it he could still get the start over Samsonov if Jones goes down.

Hildeby has been great in the AHL so far this year, but if the Toronto Maple Leafs are worried about rushing their young goaltender, there are other cheap options out their that can fill their hole in net until Joseph Woll returns.

Here are 5 goaltenders the Toronto Maple Leafs should consider: