Fortune Teller Predicted Toronto Maple Leafs Playoffs Results

Palmist / Fox Photos/GettyImages

The entire city of Toronto is about to be in a frenzy thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs participation in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

That much is predictable. What may not be as clear is the success that the team will have in the coming games and whether the Toronto Maple Leafs will put themselves on track to win hockey's biggest prize.

It just so happens that before the puck dropped for the first time to kick off the 2023-24 regular season, I solicited the services of a local psychic to find out how the Toronto Maple Leafs will fare this postseason.

What was shared was unfortunate news. The fortune teller was very clear that the Buds won't be raising the Stanley Cup at the end of these playoffs. The truly concerning part of this vision wasn't just the ultimate goal not being achieved but the accuracy of which this prediction has already come to fruition.

Fortune Teller Predicted Toronto Maple Leafs Playoffs Results

The psychic was correct all those months ago when he foretold that the Leafs would be meeting the Boston Bruins in the first round. That has clearly come true. For the believers reading this, it's a scary prediction. That's because the psychic also saw that the Bruins will not just meet the Maple Leafs in the opening round but will actually eliminate them. To make it all worse, Boston, he explained, will eliminate Toronto in a four-game sweep.

It can be easy to dismiss the supernatural. When the news is negative such as it is here, that's exactly what we want to do. However, we will soon know whether there was true clairvoyance or if the Maple Leafs can find lightning in a bottle and work their way into the second-round.

Though we have never shared the identity of the Toronto-based psychic, it would be great to see him eat his words. It's up to the boys in blue and white to take to the ice and prove that this hocus pocus is all just a bunch of fog and mirrors and absolutely meaningless.

While the fortune teller may have been correct so far and the Leafs will be in for the battle of their lives, it will hopefully be Toronto who comes out on top and moves on to the next round.


So, before you open your wallet to have your tea leaves explored or your palm read, take a breath to see how this important playoff round unfolds.