Checking in on Former Toronto Maple Leafs Around the NHL

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Pierre Engvall

Pierre Engvall is no longer with the Leafs because he wanted a long-term deal worth more than the Leafs were willing to offer.

Maybe the Leafs would have offered him the $3 million he is making now, but not for the seven years he got from the New York Islanders.

He even got a minimum no-trade clause, which is absurd for a bottom-six player.

Engvall spent four seasons with the Leafs. He only had two decent point-producing seasons. However, he never registered more than 15 goals or 35 points.

Giving him a long-term contract didn't make sense, and his production doesn't warrant $3 million a season. I'm glad the Leafs traded him and got something (a 2024 third-round pick) for him.

The contract might be working for the Islanders right now, but we'll see if he's giving them what he paid for a couple of years from now. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up getting traded before his contract is up.

For now, things seem to be working for him. Maybe the grass will be greener for him with the Islanders, maybe it won't. Time will tell, but I think the Leafs have managed well enough without him.