Brad Treliving's Lack of Action Is Killing the Maple Leafs - Time to Act Is Now

Nashville Predators v Minnesota Wild
Nashville Predators v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs roster isn't good enough to win the Stanley Cup.

The Toronto Maple Leafs cannot afford to sit idly by and waste a 70 goal season from Auston Matthews or a 90/100 point season from William Nylander.

So far, Trelving hasn't done a single thing to help the Leafs in-season, and his lack of inaction could already have sunk the team.

Only 5+ stolen wins by their goalis, a lucky overtime record, an unlikely Martin Jones hot-streak and a few extremely improbable comebacks have kept the Leafs in the playoff race.

The Leafs have struggled to win in regulation, they have not dominated teams like they should, they rarely start on time, they can't handle good teams, and the coach appears to have lost the room.

Additionally, they have no goaltending and a very bad blue-line. Their bottom six is an embarassment.

And here we are, with the team taking almost a week off, and the GM has done nothing to alter his team's fortunes. Where is he and what is he even doing?

Brad Treliving's Lack of Action Is Killing the Maple Leafs

The Leafs are rumoued to be interested in adding a defenseman, but all you hear about is Chris Tanev, who is 34. The dumbeset idea is trading for him AND extending him, which is just flat-out dumb.

The Leafs should want to get younger, faster, and better at moving the puck. Old-school stay at home types are the last thing they need.

What the Leafs need more than anything is a goalile.

Goalie trades are risky because 90% of goalies - or more, probably - are unpredictable at any given time. If you traded for Cam Talbot or John Gibson, you might just end up with another Samsonov.

And speaking of Samsonov, a couple of good games doesn't mean he can be trusted. His usefullness to the Leafs ended the day he was put on waivers. Right now, he is nothing more than $3 million in cap space that can be better used.

Neither Jones or Samsonov are acceptable as back-up goalies in the playoffs, and Joseph Woll can't be trusted as a starter. That means the Leafs number-one priortity is goaltending.

But since the Leafs can only trade for a goalie who would actually make a difference, their (smart) choices are limited to Juuse Saros or doing nothing.

The Predators have one of the best goalie prospects in the world, and they aren't going to make the playoffs this year. That means trading Saros is their best move, and he would fetch an absolute ton.

The package starts with Matthew Knies and goes up from there. Who cares? You so rarely have the chance to add a franchise goalie to the roster that if one is available there is no price too high.


Saros instantly becomes the best goalie the Leafs have had since Ed Belfour, and likely their best goalie since 1967.