A Way Too Early Trade Deadline Checklist for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Even with the trade deadline just under 2 months away, I thought it'd be a good idea to speculate on some moves the Toronto Maple Leafs could make come deadline time.
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The Toronto Maple Leafs goalie situation is precarious, at best. The Leafs are currently starting third-stringer Martin Jones. Despite a hot-streak that was incredibly impressive, Jones is a third stringer and nothing more. He isn't going to be able to carry the team for long, and if he goes cold before Woll can come back, the Leafs are going to be in real trouble.

Speaking of Joseph Woll, is an injury prone rookie who hasn't ever played anywhere close to a full NHL season really the guy you want manning the net in the playoffs? And at this point, the less said about Ilya Samsonov, the better.

If the Leafs trade for a goalie, they should not be giving up more than a mid-to-late round draft pick to acquire one as insurance. There just aren't an goalies available that would be worth parting with a lot of assets, and the team would be better served making smarter bets on possession players.

So despoite their obvious issues, unless Joseph Woll goes down with a season-ending injury, or Martin Jones and Ilya Samsonov are unable to be solid backups for Woll, the Leafs do not need to pursue a goalie.

Joseph Woll has proven this season (and even in last year's playoffs) that he is a perfectly capable starting goaltender in the NHL. He gives the Leafs a chance to win every night and gives the team confidence when in net.

Unless something drastic happens, the Leafs are likely fine between the pipes.


Let's see what the Leafs decide to do come deadline time.