5 Players the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider Trading

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Ryan Reaves

It is safe to say that the Ryan Reaves experiment has been a complete failure.

One point in 21 games while averaging just over seven minutes a game. Yes, he has 44 hits, but most were ill-timed and did not help the team.

When he is on the ice, most people only notice him because of his lack of foot speed. His speed, or lack thereof, is a problem.

Reaves has not been the difference maker he was advertised as being. With two more years left on his contract with a $1.35 million salary cap hit, Leafs GM Brad Treliving needs to correct his mistake and rid himself of that contract.

Doing so will not be easy, but Treliving might have to bite on the first offer cast his way. I'm sure there will be some teams with interest, but I don't expect much of a return. Shedding Reave's cap hit is all that matters.

With Reaves returning to the lineup last night, we should get a decision on what the Leafs plan on doing with him. They could try to bury him in the AHL, but that doesn't help the Leafs salary cap as much as trading him.


He will likely get a few games with the Leafs to showcase that he's not injured anymore before any trade deal gets made.