5 Players the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider Trading

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Mark Giordano

I love Mark Giordano as much as the next person, but this season is proof that his age is catching up with him.

The 40-year-old is getting beat to the puck on too many occasions. His lack of foot speed is a problem, especially if he gets caught out on the ice against much younger and faster players.

Giordano has been a workhorse for the Leafs, and I would love to see him help them win a Stanley Cup, but he could end up being more of a burden than anything else.

If the Leafs decide to keep Giordano, he is best suited as the seventh defenseman and can platoon with whoever is on the bottom defense pair.

His salary cap hit of $800,000 is a good reason to keep him, but it also makes him easier to trade. Giordano is good at blocking shots, and that is a helpful tool to have, but the Leafs could find a younger and faster defenseman that also blocks shots.

Giordano might refuse to play for anyone but the Leafs, so that could make it harder to trade him even though he doesn't have a no-move or no-trade clause.

I think trading him would allow more playing time for Timothy Liljegren and Simon Benoit, who deserve it. Trading Giordano might not be a fan favourite option, but it is an option that Treliving should explore.