5 Players the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider Trading

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T.J. Brodie

Leafs defenseman T.J. Brodie is not playing like himself this season, and he is a UFA this off-season.

His level of play has decreased substantially, which is to be expected of a player who is 33 years old.

Brodie also recently lost his father, so his decline could also have a mental component to it. I know what it's like to lose your father. I lost my father in January 2021, and I know how hard it can affect you mentally. It's not something that you can switch off while you're playing hockey.

However, if it is the reason for his decline in play, he should speak with the team and take time off. His head is not fully in the game, and the Leafs need it to be.

It may seem harsh if the Leafs trade Brodie when they know what he's been going through, but at the end of the day, the team needs to do what is best for the team.

Treliving's job is to make sure he does what is best for the Toronto Maple Leafs. So far, fans are undecided as to how he's doing as the new GM. Brodie has a modified no-trade clause in his contract, so it won't be easy to move him unless one of his specified teams is willing.

Moving Brodie's $5 million could help Treliving bring in a more effective defenseman to replace Brodie.