5 NHL Trade Deadline Deals the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Consider

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1. Jacob Markstrom - The biggest impact on the Toronto Maple Leafs

The biggest move that Brad Treliving could make with the players rumoured to be available would be to reunite with his former Calgary Flames goaltender, Jacob Markstrom.

Markstrom could be the biggest player to move during the NHL Trade Deadline. He's having a terrific season despite playing on a non-playoff team, and he was runner-up for the Vezina Trophy in 2022.

He would make a huge impact on the Toronto Maple Leafs for all the same reasons I mentioned for Juuse Saros, but more so. He is a bonafide number one goaltending talent.

The Calgary Flames are out of the playoffs and selling major assets fast. Markstrom does have a full no-trade clause, but with his recent comments about how upper management has handled trade rumours this season, it sounds like he's had enough and would welcome a change.

Obtaining Markstrom would have its challenges though. His $6 million cap hit for two more seasons after this one would be difficult for the Toronto Maple Leafs to leverage, and the amount of assets the Maple Leafs would have to exchange for Jacob Markstrom would be extravagant. There are also a number of rumours suggesting that Markstrom is destined to join the New Jersey Devils.


Perhaps Brad Treliving will pull a rabbit out of his hat, and we'll have a big surprise waiting for us during this NHL Trade Deadline. I can't wait to see what moves he has instore for the Toronto Maple Leafs.