5 Different Options for the Toronto Maple Leafs in Net Next Season

Vancouver Canucks v Nashville Predators - Game Six
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Jacob Markstrom

Treliving is familiar with Markstrom as he signed him to a six-year deal with an Average Annual Value of six million dollars in 2020 (All contract statistics from CapFriendly.com).

Markstrom is coming off a great year playing behind a rough Flames team. He posted a,905 save percentage, a 2.17 goals saved above average and a 28.93 goals saved above expected. It looked as though he was going to be dealt to New Jersey at the trade deadline but the Flames and Devils front offices couldn't get a deal done.

Treliving will have competition in the race for Markstrom so it will be interesting to see what the cost would be to get him out of Calgary.

Laurent Brossoit

The first two options I've brought up are star goalies who can play most games for this team. Brossoit is a free agent so the Leafs would only be committing cap space to this acquisition. The flaw with this option is the Leafs would be putting a lot of trust in Joseph Woll who has serious injury concerns.

Brossoit had a good season where he was the backup in Winnipeg behind Connor Hellebuyck. Brossoit played 23 games last season posting a .927 save percentage, a 14.36 goals saved above average and a 17.82 goals saved above expected.

He had a great year however, with Woll having his injury concerns there is strong a chance that Brossoit is going to have to play a lot more than the 23 games he played last year. He has never played more than 24 games in a single season so it would be a question mark as to how he will handle an increased workload.

If Treliving decides to go with Brossoit, they would also need to have another veteran goalie in the AHL like they did this past year with Martin Jones. Perhaps you can bring Jones back to play the same role?