5 Defenseman Toronto Maple Leafs Must Sign In Free Agency

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs
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No. 4: Matt Roy

Roy is one of those reliable defenders, who plays in every situation and does everything you ask.

He's not flashy and is not going to put up huge offensive stats, but he's going to be a solid top-four defender who will help.

The average fan probably isn't as familiar with his game because he doesn't put up the big stats, but he's a quiet effective player.

To compare him to a current Leafs defender, he's essentially a right-handed Jake McCabe. We don't praise McCabe as much as we should because he does everything well, but doesn't put up points, so we sometimes bypass his skill.

Coming off a $3.15M AAV contract, Roy will get a pay-raise on the open-market, but I wouldn't expect his AAV to be much higher than $5M per season.

For a top-four defender, the Leafs shouldn't have any issue giving Roy that type of money, especially since he's not even 30-years-old, yet.

As much as Roy would help the Leafs, he's not a top-pairing defenseman that this team desperately needs, so they shouldn't overpay for his talents, but for the right price, he's someone who will make this team better.