5 Defenseman Toronto Maple Leafs Must Sign In Free Agency

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs
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No. 2: Brandon Montour

The one negative on Montour is the fact that he's an offensive-first defenseman.

However, he did just average 23:26 TOI on a Stanley Cup winning team, so he deserves some credit.

The Brantford, ON native is another local defenseman who could be intrigued to join his hometown squad.

After winning that elustrious Stanley Cup, he may think that this is the perfect time to join Toronto, as he could be that missing piece they need to finally snap their championship draught.

As mentioned, Montour's biggest strength is his offense, which is actually the Leafs most pressing need.

He has shown an ability to score at an elite-level and the Leafs could use another offensively-minded defenseman. I know that may scare fans because John Klinberg was a similar type of player as Montour, but Klingberg's defenisve abilities were not as strong as Montour's.

Montour is a legitimate top-pairing defenseman, who can play in every situation and will compete hard on every play, so he should be very high on the Leafs list.

As much as Montour would solve a lot of issues, his price-tag and term may be unaffordable for the Leafs, as I'm sure he'll be looking for something around $8M x seven years on the open-market.