5 2024 NHL Draft Eligibles Who Could Be "The Next Easton Cowan"

Easton Cowan Came Out Of Almost Nowhere, Going From Relative Unknown To 1st Round Draft Pick In A Year. Here's 5 Players This Year Who May Follow A Similar Path.
Jett Luchanko (#7)
Jett Luchanko (#7) / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages
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5 - Lukas Fischer - LHD - Sarnia (OHL)

Unlike Easton Cowan, Fischer is a defenseman, but he may be the player who takes the biggest development swing next season.

A late 06 birthday, Fischer is just days away from being eligible for the 2025 NHL Draft. The son of former Detroit Red Wings D Jiri Fischer, Lukas plays an up-tempo two-way game with a lot of energy and intensity. Like his dad, Lukas is a massive force at 6'3 and 170lbs, he still has much in terms of filling out.

His numbers don't show a star player, with 4 Goals, 18 Assists & 22 Points, but he wouldn't be mentioned here if his stats told the whole story.

What makes Fischer so valuable to me is how he does everything right on the ice. On a Sarnia team that has had it's share of struggles throughout the year, Fischer has consistently been a bright spot, taking on the workload as a #1D at times. He played 24+ minutes in 9 of Sarnia's 12 games in January, with heavy time on the PP and PK. Much more impressive from one of the draft's youngest players.

Fischer plays with intensity and leadership at all 3 ends, able to play the role of shutdown defender and playmaker equally well, Fischer is one of the strongest puck carrying defenders in this draft class, a menace in transition both with and without the puck. His shooting consistency could use some work, but he's created some good chances, he'll have to work on building off feeds and shot accuracy.

As good as he plays on offense, what makes Fischer so captivating is how good he is on defense. It's not surprise with his ability to take on big minutes that he's a guy with great stamina. He's not the most physical player, but he is very good at applying pressure and making it difficult for offenses to create chances thanks to his vision and scanning abilities.

Fischer may take a while to develop, he's young and still finding his game, but he has the tools in place to be a top-four option, and could come into that game with the right development.


You would hope he doesn't burn himself out in the process, but he's consistently playing heavy minutes with little issue, but as of now, his game is promising, but may take some time before Fischer really starts to jump out in the eyes of the hockey world.