5 2024 NHL Draft Eligibles Who Could Be "The Next Easton Cowan"

Easton Cowan Came Out Of Almost Nowhere, Going From Relative Unknown To 1st Round Draft Pick In A Year. Here's 5 Players This Year Who May Follow A Similar Path.
Jett Luchanko (#7)
Jett Luchanko (#7) / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages
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2 - Jett Luchanko - Centre - Guelph (OHL)

2023-24 - 45GP 15G 36A 51P

I didn't include Luke Misa and Michael Hage because they've already gained their dues from public scouts, but Jett Luchanko, who was ranked 26th on Bob McKenzie's rankings, compile from the opinions of NHL scouts, is notable as he lacks the hype of the other two, like Easton Cowan a slow climber upwards in the draft rankings.

Luchanko is a high-end playdriving forward who has also shown the ability to create himself as others.

He's a very unselfish player who constantly brings effort to each and every shift. Like Cowan, Luchanko excels in the role of an elite complimentary piece who could eventually grow to do those same things for himself.

Currently just over PPG in the OHL with 51 Points in 45 Games this season for the Guelph Storm, Luchanko leads Guelph in points, but don't let the fear he's succeeding on a bigger role from his peers question his upside, he's dominated much on his own. In terms of skill, Luchanko may be the most likely to shock in going much higher than people project, but unlike Cowan, this time around scouts may notice the talent possessed here much earlier.

Perhaps no one is a bigger Luchanko fan than EIL's own Nicolas Ferrari (@ShowtimeWagon) who's been driving the Luchanko hype train for a while now.