3 "What If" Scenarios That Could Lead to a Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup

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What if the Toronto Maple Leafs Slay the Black and Gold Dragon?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in third place within the Atlantic Division with 68 points.

In second place is the Boston Bruins with 77 points. If the NHL playoffs were to start today, the Leafs and Bruins would meet in the first round.

Both teams have met in the playoffs a few times in recent history, and each meeting has ended in defeat for the Leafs. Could this be the year that the Leafs slay the proverbial dragon?

Leafs Nation has been waiting for over a decade to see the Leafs win a series over the Bruins since the game seven collapse in round one of the 2013 playoffs.

Last season, the Leafs defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round but came up short in the second round against the Florida Panthers. The series victory over the Lightning was incredible. A series victory against the Bruins would feel even better.

Hopefully, if the Leafs can make it happen, they'll be ready for their second-round opponent, who could be the Florida Panthers again. The Panthers sit first in the Atlantic Division with 78 points.

There is a high probability that the Leafs could have to play against the Bruins and Panthers in the playoffs. The standings will determine who the Leafs play in round one, but victory over either team would be huge for the Leafs and their fans.

So, whether it's the Bruins in the first round and the Panthers in the second or the other way around, I hope the Leafs are ready to slay some dragons.