3 Untouchable Prospects For the Toronto Maple Leafs

With the Leafs recent stretch of terrific play, many fans are wondering what sort of big splash they're going to make before the playoffs. With the trade deadline looming, here are Leafs prospects that should NOT be traded.
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2. Fraser Minten

The 6'2 Minten was selected 38th overall in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft.

Minten is projected as a 3C at the NHL level, but recently showed signs of busting way past his supposed ceiling. The 19 year old impressed so much at the Leafs training camp this year that he earned himself an NHL audition.

Earning that audition is practically unheard of for a second round pick just a year removed from being drafted and Minten did not disappoint.

Though he only ended up getting into four games and failed to score a goal, Minten was impressive never the less. He could easily have stayed on the roster, but their are other considerations for a player's development and the Leafs felt he was best served by going back to junior.

While Cowan likely won't play in the NHL until at least the 2025-26 season, there's a chance Minten could be on the team as early as next season.

Fraser Minten projects to be at least a strong third-line center at the NHL level, and with the Leafs bound to lose many of their players in the off-season due to cap constraints and expiring contracts, Minten will likely, at the very least, earn a look on the NHL squad.

If he's not ready to be a full-time NHLer by next year then no worries, he's still just 19.

I'm a personal fan of Minten's and the Leafs would be making a mistake in trading him.