3 Toronto Maple Leafs Hot Takes Ahead of the Playoffs

Toronto Maple Leafs v Carolina Hurricanes
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Hot Take No. 2: Ilya Samsonov Shouldn't Play a Playoff Game

This probably isn't even a hot take. It might just be common sense.

Although he was the goaltender to help get this team their first playoff round win in 19 years, Ilya Samsonov is a liability, having allowed three or more goals in 12 of his 17 career playoff games. As such, I just don't trust his game the same way I trust Joseph Woll.

Samsonov has been winning games as of late, which has hidden the fact that he's a below average netminder.

During the Leafs recent winning run, Samsonov was decent, but he allowed three goals or more almost every game. The Leafs were the hottest team in the league since mid-January and during that time they led the NHL in scoring - their winning streak didn't have much to do with goalt

On the other hand, Woll has lost four of his last five starts, so the general public seems to think that Samsonov is better, but it's not true. Woll allowed five goals against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night, but was left out to dry for most of those goals.

The win-loss records don't show the whole story between Woll and Samsonov, but if you watch the games, you can tell just how more posed Woll is and that he deserves to be the starter. If the Leafs go ahead with Samsonov, I can guarantee you they're going to get swept in the First Round.

The Leafs need to use Joseph Woll in the playoffs because he's a better goalie and he's more talented and more trustworthy. Also, he's their future and Samsonov is likely to be off the team at the end of the season.

Woll recently started three games in a row, which is an indication that the Leafs will use him in the playoffs. They better.