3 Toronto Maple Leafs Defense Prospects That Could Make The NHL Next Year

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens
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Cade Webber, 23, LHD

Originally drafted in the fourth round, 99th overall in 2019 by the Carolina Hurricanes, he was acquired by the Leafs at this past deadline for a 2026 sixth round pick.

He spent the past four seasons developing with the Boston University Terriers, projecting as at best a bottom-pair left-side defenseman.

Throughout 123 games, the 6-6 194lbs defender produced a whopping 16 points. His game is built solely around defense, using his big frame to shutdown opposing offense. Made obvious by his production, he should be expected to provide very little offense.

I do expect Webber to at least start the season with the Marlies to adjust to the pro game but I think he has a chance to make a splash. If he comes into camp and shows he can keep up then I would not be surprised to see him in a Leafs uniform.

The Leafs seemed to be impressed with him enough to keep him around the team as a black ace after he signed his ELC.

Like all players, his roster position will be dependent on what happens this summer. More importantly, who the team brings in and what positions Webber can play. If he is capable of playing the right-side, this will make his projection much easier.

As of right now, I expect he will be playing at Coca-Cola Coliseum to start the year but things can change between now and then.

Projecting defenders is much harder due to the rigidness of positioning and of course the limited roster spots available.


As of right now, the Leafs seem to have three or four of the six spots occupied. It will be a tough task for anybody to break into the lineup especially if the Leafs are able to snag any of their rumored targets in free agency. However, these three players seem to stand the biggest chance of nabbing one of the vacant slots.