3 High-Profile Goaltenders Toronto Maple Leafs Should Trade For

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No. 2: Marc-Andre Fleury

I don’t know why, but Fleury has always felt like a goaltender who would shine in Toronto. Perhaps it’s due to his attitude and carefree mentality. Alternatively, the fact that he’s been part of five Stanley Cup Finals makes him a great option even at 39 years old.

As mentioned, his age is clearly an issue, so you’d be taking a flyer on him.

But maybe he’s got one more special season or playoff run in him? I mean, would you rather have your chances with Martin Jones, Ilya Samsonov, or Fleury?

I still think I’d rather have Fleury in a do-or-die game and hope that the adrenaline of playing in, most likely, his final season will drive him to success. Jonathan Quick’s career looked to be finished, but his move to the New York Rangers has revitalized his career, so perhaps the same thing can happen with Fleury?

The Minnesota Wild have been a playoff contender the past two seasons, but they’re not as strong as the Leafs, who can at least outscore their issues. As a result, Fleury could feel more relaxed knowing he has Auston Matthews, William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares on his team, who can score at will.

Taking a chance on Fleury is definitely a risk, but at $3.5M on an expiring contract, I'd rather have him than Samsonov. Minnesota is set with Filip Gustavsson for the future. In exchange for a draft pick or a prospect, I'm sure they'd be willing to move him.