3 High-Profile Goaltenders Toronto Maple Leafs Should Trade For

Florida Panthers v Calgary Flames
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No. 1: Jacob Markstrom

Markstrom has a no-move clause, making his acquisition a little harder, but the Calgary Flames are gearing up for a rebuild and so he may be available.

Despite this, why wouldn't he want to join a team poised to contend for the Stanley Cup with his exceptional skills? If the Flames aren't trying to win, I'm sure his NTC would be waived in order to go to a team that is.

With an AAV of just $6 million, Markstrom's contract is a steal, and with two years left, it becomes even more team-friendly, though there is some risk with his age.

Despite facing criticism following a down year in 2022-23, Markstrom has turned his 2023-24 season around, establishing himself as a valuable asset.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have long struggled to find a reliable number-one goalie for the playoffs. Even when Freddie Andersen and Jack Campbell were the team’s top netminders, the fan base didn't fully trust them. However, Markstrom is a goalie you can depend on in crucial moments, someone you'd want by your side in the heat of battle.

While the Toronto Maple Leafs still need to address defensive issues, acquiring Markstrom could help shore up some defensive needs. As one of the best goalies in the league with an affordable contract, Markstrom stands out as the top candidate if the Leafs aim to propel themselves back into Stanley Cup contention.