3 Head Coach Options for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Mike Sullivan (If Available)

After missing the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row, there is a chance the Pittsburgh Penguins could fire head coach Mike Sullivan.

The Leafs should hire Sullivan if he does become available. He is a two-time Stanley Cup winning coach with 89 playoff games coached.

 If Sullivan does become available, there will be many teams interested, and the Leafs should be one of them.

Mike Sullivan has coached in 835 regular season games and has an overall record of 445-275-15-100. He has only coached for Boston (two seasons) and Pittsburgh (nine seasons). 

His experience and knowledge of what it takes to win would be a huge benefit for the Leafs. A new voice behind the bench is needed, but will it be Sullivan's? We'll have to wait and see if former Leafs GM Kyle Dubas fires Sullivan or not.

With over 800 games coached and over 700 games played in the NHL, Sullivan's experience is a great asset to have.

The wealth of knowledge that he can pass on to help the Leafs players is incredible.


There is no telling if Sullivan would want to coach in Toronto, but for any coach coming to the Leafs, there is that idea of, what if I'm the guy to help this team win a championship? You will be remembered forever if you do.