3 Goalie Options If the Toronto Maple Leafs Are Shopping for a Goalie

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Toronto Maple Leafs and Marc-Andre Fleury

According to Pierre LeBrun from TSN and The Athletic, the Leafs are one of the teams interested in acquiring Marc-Andre Fleury if he becomes available.

Adding Fleury would be purely a rental move for the Leafs,and they could easily accommodate Fleury's $3.5 million salary cap hit by trading Samsonov.
(Salary info from capfriendly.com)

Fleury is one of the NHL's oldest players and it's fair to ask how much he has left. This would be a risky move for the Leafs, unless it was just a Samsonov for Fleury swap, then at least it might be worth doing.

Fleury is obviously not the same as he was during his younger playing days, but the 40-year-old is a veteran with playoff experience and success.

Through 22 appearances this season, Fleury has an 8-9-3 record with a 2.97 GAA and a .897 SV%, which does not exactly inspire confidence.

With his first shutout of the season on January 15th, Fleury passed Patrick Roy to become the second-highest winning goaltender in NHL history with career 552 wins.

Having him on the Leafs to guide a young goaltender like Woll could be career-changing for Woll, so even if he's not the same player, there is still value to this idea.

We'll need to wait and see if Fleury is indeed the guy that Treliving wants to add between now and the trade deadline.