3 Forwards Toronto Maple Leafs Might Consider at the Trade Deadline

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No. 2: Scott Laughton

At $3M AAV, Laughton not only earns the same salary as Domi, but his statistics are also quite similar, which might raise concerns. However, his contributions extend beyond the scoresheet, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Laughton excels as a penalty-killer and is defensively solid, qualities that make him an ideal third-line center.

While more offensive output would be desirable, his ability to neutralize the opponent's top line effectively fulfills his primary role. Comparatively, he offers a more comprehensive skill set than David Kampf, with just a $600,000 difference in their salaries.

A strategic move for the Leafs could involve trading Kampf and replacing his contract with Laughton's. This adjustment would potentially relegate Domi to the fourth line, a position where his defensive shortcomings are less impactful.

Domi's strengths lie in offensive play on the wing, a role he's unlikely to secure in Toronto.

In this scenario, Tavares could comfortably occupy a second-line role. Despite being committed to a $3 million salary for the next few seasons, Laughton's versatility makes him a worthwhile investment.

Whether deployed on the penalty kill, as a winger, or at center, Laughton's adaptability mirrors that of Alex Kerfoot, who thrived in various roles in Toronto. Despite initial skepticism from fans, Kerfoot proved to be a valuable and versatile contributor.