3 Forwards Toronto Maple Leafs Might Consider at the Trade Deadline

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have made strides in addressing some depth issues by shifting John Tavares to the third line, but relying on Max Domi as the second-line center isn't a viable option for a team eyeing a deep playoff run.

While I've been a long-time admirer of Domi's talent, it's evident that he may not be the ideal fit for the crucial role of second-line center in a playoff-bound team. Unless the Toronto Maple Leafs address this issue, their postseason fate may sadly mirror the disappointing trend of early exits they've experienced over the past decade.

Last year, Toronto managed to break a longstanding playoff drought by winning a series, but the euphoria was short-lived.

Despite advancing to the final eight teams, their playoff performance didn't substantially differ from previous seasons. Winning just one game in the second round, their 5-6 postseason record felt eerily reminiscent of past disappointments, rather than marking a significant breakthrough.

While the Leafs boast a formidable top-nine lineup, concerns persist over Domi's suitability for a prominent role. The trio of Ryan O’Reilly, Auston Matthews, and John Tavares as centers last season was a potent combination.

With Tavares now anchoring the third line, there's a clear opportunity to bolster the second-line center position, albeit within the constraints of salary cap limitations.

Exploring potential trades involving players like Calle Jarnkrok, TJ Brodie, and potentially even Max Domi, whose contracts offer flexibility, could pave the way for acquiring an upgrade at center. The Leafs must exercise creativity in managing their cap space to seize this opportunity.

Looking ahead to the NHL Trade Deadline, here are three forwards the Toronto Maple Leafs should consider targeting to strengthen their roster