3 Defenseman Toronto Maple Leafs Are Rumored To Be Interested in Trading For

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No. 1: Sean Walker

Perhaps I should broaden my NHL viewing beyond Toronto Maple Leafs games, because I was taken aback to see Sean Walker listed as one of the prominent names on the NHL Trade Bait Board.

Admittedly, I knew very little about this player and remain uncertain about how he could address the Leafs' defensive issues.

Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 190 pounds, Walker doesn't fit the mold of a Radko Gudas-style defenseman who instills fear in opponents. Rather, he's a right-shot defenseman with a relatively affordable contract who could bolster the team's right side.

A scouting report on Walker suggests he would likely slot in as a fourth-best defenseman on a Stanley Cup-winning roster. He's proficient at killing penalties, contributing on the second power-play unit, and primarily valued for his skating ability.

Given the Leafs' emphasis on swift puck movement, Walker could seamlessly integrate into their system. However, in my view, acquiring Walker alone wouldn't suffice in addressing the team's needs.

While Walker could serve as a valuable asset for the Leafs' second unit, it's crucial to continue seeking upgrades in terms of toughness and defensive prowess. While I wouldn't oppose the acquisition of Walker, I wouldn't advocate for overpaying to secure his services.