23 Options for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the 2024 Draft - Stian Solberg

The Norwegian defenseman rose his stock heavily after a strong performance at the Men's Worlds
Norway's Stian Solberg (#72) at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia
Norway's Stian Solberg (#72) at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Czechia / RvS.Media/Robert Hradil/GettyImages
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Toronto Maple Leafs Likeliness

An interesting tidbit, Solberg led the combine in both Pro Agility categories. Last year's leader in both categories? Easton Cowan.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a lot of love for tall, intelligent defenseman. The entire defensive group in the NHL is over 6'0 and they largely draft the same as well.

I don't know if Solberg is there at Toronto's pick (23) or if he goes higher based on what scouts saw at the Worlds, and a lot of credibility is given to international ability, even though twitter scouts will say the tourneys aren't everything, but mind you that Solberg did well against men.

Solberg seems like a player the Leafs would more than likely have placed on their board. And they've already been linked to the Norwegian defenseman, meeting him after the NHL Draft combine in Toronto.

In terms of game type, I think Toronto will value his two-way skill and maturity. His strong floor reminds me a bit of Timothy Liljegren in his draft year, although Liljegren was more of a faller, and Solberg a riser.

There's a slight uncertainty with Solberg having played in Norway, not the best competition level, but probably tougher opponents than the junior leagues of Sweden and Finland. What he'll do next year in Farjestad will be the deciding factor. I can see the Leafs taking the potential upside that's there as a plus. It all goes back to if he's there. Pre-WC it seems like a slight reach, now it seems a bit like a dream.

I think if Stian Solberg is there at 23, and this is my opinion and not as a matter of fact, I expect him to be high on Toronto's list of best remaining players.