23 Options For the Maple Leafs At The 2024 NHL Entry Draft - Liam Greentree

The power-forward winger was a clear bright spark for a bottom Windsor Spitfires team
Windsor Spitfires forward Liam Greentree (#66) vs the Guelph Storm
Windsor Spitfires forward Liam Greentree (#66) vs the Guelph Storm / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages
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Toronto Maple Leafs Likeliness

I think there's going to be a team that falls in love with Greentree's size and two-way game that teams will feel they can mold into a truly talented player.

I'm a bit unfair at times to players who struggle in their skating, and admittedly I did want to put Greentree a bit higher because i'm of the belief skating can be fixed, it wouldn't be surprising if a team managed to do it. Jason Robertson was someone teams had concerns over his speed, and who's saying he's a question now?

Brad Treliving has not shied away from size when he was the GM in Calgary, and the Toronto Maple Leafs have valued two-way players in the draft such as Matthew Knies & Fraser Minten, but are known to go a bit smaller for forwards in the draft, leaning on size when it comes to defense more often.

Even with that said, if Greentree didn't have skating flaws, I don't see much seperating him from Beckett Sennecke. I'm a little reminded of Quentin Musty from last year, who went 26th to San Jose and had average skating ability. Musty has looked better in his skating ability, and had 43 goals and 102 points in just 3 games for the Sudbury Wolves. By comparison he had 78 in the same amount of games the year prior. Greentree outscored Musty and with less help.

Just re-reading this makes me realize how much I could be undervaluing Greentree. I don't think he's a top-line player, but he's a very possible middle-six option.

Of course, the Leafs already have competition on the wing, but it wouldn't hurt to add some more size there in the prospect pool. If you believe the skating can improve, he could be a great get for the team, he may also not be there if someone else thinks the same. I don't think he'll go in the lottery, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him go just outside it, to the early 20's.

Quotes and Film

"Greentree is difficult to defend in the trenches. His size, strength, and skill allow him to extend plays that generally lead to offence." - Jason Bukala/Sportsnet

Greentree thinks the game quick and he's incredibly difficult to knock off the puck. He's able to drive the puck offensively and he leads with his hands. His hands help him manipulate opponents and find open space in the attacking zone. " - Joely Stockl/The Hockey News

The Windsor Spitfires were one of the worst teams in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) this season, posting just 18 wins in 68 games and allowing 360 goals against, the highest total by a wide margin. But they weren’t the worst and a lot of that is thanks to their captain, Liam Greentree, who put the team on his shoulders" - Dayton Reimer/The Hockey Writers


The Toronto Maple Leafs should definitely consider Liam Greentree if he's available when they pick.