23 Options for the Leafs at the 2024 NHL Entry Draft: Freij + Sahlin Wallenius

The two have spent years as teamates both in Sweden for Vaxjo and internationally for the national team
Alfons Freij (#20) for Sweden at the U18 Five Nations Tournament
Alfons Freij (#20) for Sweden at the U18 Five Nations Tournament / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages
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Toronto Maple Leafs Likeliness

I see the Toronto Maple Leafs leaning more towards Freij than Sahlin Wallenius, but i'm not sure about whether either of them go. Both could be taken in the first round, while I can also see both slip.

I don't hate Freij at 23, I'm not sold that it's what the Maple Leafs are gonna do in this draft, only because I think if you look at their draft history with defenseman there's a big emphasis on size and neither are really the biggest guy, they don't have that tall, hard-pressing game they've gone for when taking D in previous years.

I could see either of them potentially being players they like for their offense and puck skills, I'm not feeling the sense either are the direction they go in, but I'd be a big fan of Toronto selectin Frei, alright with Sahlin Wallenius.

I would say Freij would be Toronto's best defensive prospect in my opinion if he was taken, and Sahlin Wallenius would probably be #2 behind Niemela.

They need RHD more but I wouldn't assume Toronto is closed when it comes to potentially taking a leftie, I expect they'll look into options for the best asset, and maybe i'ts one of them.

I wonder if Freij is gone a bit before Toronto. I can see Los Angeles or Nashville at 21 and 22 respectively potentially take a look there.

I think with Freij there's a bit of similarity to Tanner Moldenyk last draft who the Predators took, and has done well developing since, and Freij is more developed. LA has a strong prospect pool, they can probably go anywhere, I think they'll go BPA, but I can see them liking Freij.

Although I mentioned Moldenyk, I think the player both players resemble more so from last draft is a fellow Swede in Axel Sandin-Pellikka, Detroit's 2023 first rounder.

For Toronto, I think they may want to focus on the right side, and a bigger option, but i'll say, if I was in that draft room, my review of Alfons Freij would be glowing, and I would have good things to say on Sahlin Wallenius.

I do feel a bit bad admittedly combining the two because I'm admittedly higher on Freij than Sahlin Wallenius, but I think they're both great prospects and scouts much better at it than me are a lot more positive on Sahlin Wallenius. Neither are picks to be hurt by.