Toronto Maple Leafs: In a “Pursuit of Happiness” With New Goal Song

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Many Toronto Maple Leafs fans have been asking for change over the last few years due to a lack of success.

They’ve wanted players gone, management fired and a new feel Toronto Maple Leafs squad to cheer for.

But one thing that fans have consistently hated over the last number of years was the goal song.

Fans were tired of hearing “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates blare over the speakers at Scotiabank Arena every time they scored a goal and I don’t blame them.

Thankfully news broke prior to the home opener on October 11th that the Leafs would be changing their goal song.

Toronto Maple Leafs: In a “Pursuit of Happiness” with New Goal Song

“Hall and Oates are out. Leafs confirm they will change goal song ‘Dreams’ to a selection of three or four tunes based on Original Six games, Next Generation, Throwback Thursdays and a regular season standard to be unveiled tonight.” tweeted Lance Hornby.

The long-standing debate around “You Make My Dreams” is over. But what will the new goal song be?

When Noah Gregor scored his first regular-season goal in a Maple Leafs uniform and the team’s first goal of the season, the song was revealed to all fans tuned into the game.

Steve Aoki’s remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi was blared over the Scotiabank Arena speakers. Unfortunately for those who liked the song, they will not be hearing it again.

The Maple Leafs got complaints about the song after Wednesday’s home opener due to lyrics about drunk driving. The Leafs quickly pivoted to a new goal song on Saturday night, “Dup Dup” by Mickie Krause.

But what will the other two to three-goal songs be?

Predictions for 2023-24 Goal songs

With the one song already being revealed that leaves two to three other songs the Leafs will be using over the course of 41 home games.

Throwback Thursday games

My first thought was to bring back Hall and Oates for those games but the Leafs have a plethora of goal songs that they’ve used dating back to the 1980s.

Songs such as “Move This” by Technotronic and “Get Ready” by 2 Unlimited would be great choices to get the crowd loud on a Thursday night.

Other used in the early 2010s that could potentially return are “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica and “The Enforcer” by Monster Truck

.Next Generation Games 

The obvious choice for a next-generation game would be a Justin Bieber track. The Leafs “Next-Gen” jerseys are inspired by Justin Bieber and his clothing brand Drew.

It would only make sense if when Matthews scored, his best bud’s song would be blasted over the speaker. But which song?

“Hold One” was a song that featured a Maple Leafs-themed music/hype video back in 2021. The song’s theme of hope and resilience makes sense for a team and fanbase that has not seen success over the last 56 years.

But the sad feel to it does not capture the rather cheerful and positive vibe that should be buzzing around the arena after a goal is scored.

If it had to be Justin Bieber for the next generation game, my personal choice would be “Im the One” by DJ Khaled which features Justin Bieber heavily.

Original Six Games

Before the invention of cassettes and CDs, organists were in charge of providing the music at most sporting events.

This is why the Toronto Maple Leafs should let organist Jimmy Holmstrom rock Scotiabank Arena whenever they play an Original Six team.

Jimmy has not missed a game since he was hired by the Maple Leafs in 1988 and deserves to have a handful of nights a year where he gets to provide all the music to all fans watching the game.

It would be the ultimate throwback for Leafs fans who used to attend Maple Leaf Gardens prior to the move in 1999.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs finally answered the fan’s longstanding call for change to the goal song. Let’s hope that this small change can be a stepping stone to a new and improved Maple Leafs squad this season.