Toronto Maple Leafs Need More From These 5 Players

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Toronto Maple Leafs
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Conor Timmins

Conor Timmins played 27 games last season, 25 with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He registered two goals and 12 assists for 14 points. The Leafs will be looking for Timmins to earn a regular spot on their defense.

He will need to have a good training camp and pre-season.

The number one issue with Timmins is his number of giveaways. Last season, he had 16 giveaways compared to six takeaways. A stat like that should be adjusted and corrected if Timmins wants to be in the lineup regularly. He has good blocked shots and hits stats, so if he can find a way to limit his giveaways, he could be a decent defensive defenseman.

With the Leafs having limited cap space, they might have to start the season with a 20-man roster instead of a 23-man roster.

So, if Timmins is not one of the six defensemen on opening night, he could be sent down to the AHL (barring he clears waivers). Another option is for him to get traded.

Should Timmins stay, I think he would benefit from regular playing time. Repetition is important to gain momentum.

Going back and forth from playing and sitting for stretches at a time doesn’t benefit Timmins. However, I think he’s the perfect player to platoon with Mark Giordano.

The 39-year-old Giordano will be 40 on October 3rd, and as good as he is, his game is slowing down. Resting him for a few games at a time and playing Timmins could benefit the Leafs.

Expectations for Timmins this season are four goals and 15 assists for 19 points in 35 games, along with 24 blocked shots and 30 hits.