10 Best Remaining NHL UFAs for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Pius Suter #24 of the Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Pius Suter #24 of the Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /
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Toronto Maple Leafs
Vladimir Tarasenko #91 of the New York Rangers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

3 – Vladimir Tarasenko

There are many who would put Vladimir Tarasenko as the best available UFA in this group. They may be right. While, he comes in on this list in the third spot, that doesn’t take anything away from his ability to change a game in an instant.

Tarasenko’s instincts and skill are undeniable. He is a professional goal scorer, who if paired with the top players on the Toronto Maple Leafs would look even more dangerous.

The New York Rangers knew what they were doing when they built a package of forward Sammy Blais, defenseman Hunter Skinner, first-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft (used to select defenseman Theo Lindstein), and a fourth-round pick in 2024 to get Tarasenko as a rental from the St. Louis Blues.

The former Stanley Cup winner and all-star fit in nicely with the Rangers. They would be strong suitors to retain the services of the 31-year-old Russian. Combined between New York and St. Louis, Tarasenko recorded 50 points in 69 games. He did it on 18 goals and 32 assists.

What makes Tarasenko so sought after is his ability to score. He has a 40 goal season and has broken the 30 mark five additional times. With the right set of teammates, it’s fair to believe that the right-winger can do it again.

What may scare the Leafs away is the price tag attached to Tarasenko. He isn’t going to be cheap. He’s coming off of an eight-year deal that carried an annual cap hit of $7.5M.