Toronto Maple Leafs: Brendan Shanahan Speaks to Media

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Friday morning, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced through a press release that they were not going to be signing General Manager Kyle Dubas to an extension for when his current contract expires on June 30.

Friday afternoon, Toronto Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan held a press conference where he first explained a timeline regarding the final year of the Dubas contract.

  • Last off-season, Shanahan informed Dubas that he would not be receiving an extension offer prior to the final year of his contract;
  • It was Shanahan’s hope and intention that they would be extending Dubas and moving forward, but had to see how the year played out, which the general manager took well and that he was comfortable with the decision;
  • Shanahan thought Dubas did an incredible job last off-season and set up the season very well;
  • Shanahan thought Dubas managed the season well and thought he prepared the team as best as a general manager could at the trade deadline;
  • After the trade deadline, Shanahan approached Dubas telling him he wanted to work out an extension and that he thought he should discuss it with his family;
  • Dubas came back stating he wanted to move forward with the extension and asked for Shanahan to conduct the discussions with his agent;
  • Throughout the playoffs, Shanahan felt that he and the agent were making progress to the point Shanahan thought a contract was almost done;
  • When the season ended, Shanahan approached Dubas telling him that he felt that despite the finish he thought he did a good job;
  • The weekend the playoffs ended they met together and Shanahan presented him with an offer he thought was relevant to the frame work he had made with the agent and thought Dubas liked; and
  • The next day they discussed Monday’s media availability, Shanahan did not want to meet with media until the contract was done and suggested the same for Dubas, but the general manager wanted to speak with the media as both Keefe and the players were doing so.

With everything that Shanahan disclosed at this point in the press conference, it appeared that the extension was almost complete and the pair was ready to move forward.

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