3 Reasons Toronto Maple Leafs Will Win the Stanley Cup

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Could this be the year that the Toronto Maple Leafs finally break through and win a Stanley Cup?

We all know that the story about the Toronto Maple Leafs over the past few years. They’re a great regular season who can only win three games in the playoffs, before losing in heartbreak fashion.

As a fan, it’s probably the worst place to be. You know that your team is good enough to compete, but you haven’t been able to reap the rewards. We’ve had our hopes up, especially last year when the team went up 3-2 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but everything came crashing down as usual.

So, why is this year different?

Well, I can’t really tell you it will be different. In fact, I assume it will go the exact same way and the Leafs will lose in seven games this year, most likely against Tampa Bay again. But, since I’m a sick and twisted Toronto fan, I have optimism that things will change.

If you made a bet at a Vegas sportsbook that the Leafs would lose their first post-season match-up in the last possible game, they would take that bet every day of the week. The odds that would actually happen ever year would probably be 1000-1 because that’s so rare.

As a result, this result is going to have to change eventually. If you take five spins at the Roulette table and it comes up black five times in a row, you’re bound to hit red on that sixth spin, but maybe the board will always be black for the Leafs.

Personally, I think things can change this year and here are three reasons why the Toronto Maple Leafs can win a Stanley Cup this year.

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