Re-Imagining the Toronto Maple Leafs as the Cast of Seinfeld

What’s the deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

In the 90s, Jerry Seinfeld had a hit show based on his stand up routines. The series was critically acclaimed, collecting over 40 awards. That included ten Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes. Imagine a world where the Toronto Maple Leafs are not just a hockey team, but a cast of quirky characters straight out of the classic sitcom ‘Seinfeld.’

Get ready to see the Leafs in a whole new light as we take the stage on the in the latest in the series of ‘Re-imagining the Toronto Maple Leafs’.

This time, we discover the team as the characters from one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

The Toronto Maple Leafs As Seinfeld Characters

Jerry Seinfeld

Auston Matthews is basically Seinfeld in a mustache. The show revolved around its title character, just like the Leafs play is often directed towards its best player. Matthews is the centerpiece of the Leafs, fighting hard against all close-talking opponents with man hands. He can be quick with a joke but when it’s time to get serious, it’s all business.

George Costanza

George Costanza is Seinfeld’s sidekick who helps make him shine. Mitch Marner is the perfect fit for that role. Like Costanza, Marner’s antics are always a source of entertainment. While George is creative, especially when it comes to his connection to Vandelay Industries, Marner is even more creative with what he can do with his stick. Both Marner and Costanza always come up with new moves to keep their adversaries guessing.


While Cosmo Kramer is a smooth-talker and the Maple Leafs captain, John Tavares, is sometimes referred to as a robot, the two fit the same role. They’re always in the mix of things and never far from the action. Tavares is a fan favourite and constantly brings excitement the the viewer. Also, just like Kramer, Tavares would never turn down a Junior Mint.

Elaine Benes

Michael Bunting is the Elaine of the Leafs. Bunting, like Elaine, is always by the side of the main players. Like Elaine, Bunting is a smart and confident player who he is never afraid to take charge when the situation calls for it. Bunting may not have a square to spare, but he’s always nearby to help spark the team offense.


“Hello Jerry.”

William Nylander can be seen as the Newman of the Leafs. He’s the polarizing character who alternates being a valuable asset and a hinderance to the team’s success. This has been true for many years with fans calling for Nylander to be traded. This season, with Nylander scoring in bunches, his Newman vibes may no longer be as strong. In fact, Nylander’s point production this year has been as reliable as your local mail carrier.

The comparisons between the Maple Leafs and the ‘show about nothing’ is a fun one. Hopefully, just like Seinfeld, the Leafs can collect some big awards soon.