Toronto Maple Leafs: Traverse City Prospects Tournament Results

Toronto Maple Leafs jersey (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Toronto Maple Leafs jersey (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

The Toronto Maple Leafs prospects took part in the Traverse City Prospects Tournament. They finished the tournament with a 1-2-1 record.

The Traverse City tournament is a way for fans to see where the prospects are in their development. Prospects use this tournament to showcase themselves to the Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff and management.

Fans should not pay too much attention to the 1-2-1 record, as lines get shuffled for each game. Coaches want to see what each prospect brings to the table. Often, coaches will put players in situations they usually don’t play. It is all about testing and evaluating.

Toronto had a good showing from their top prospects, and some good showings from a few others. Here is a look at some standout players representing the Toronto Maple Leafs in Traverse City.

Noticeable Prospects for Toronto Maple Leafs

Some of Toronto’s top prospects performed as well as expected. Others exceeded expectations or under-performed. Here are five players that stood out above the rest.

Alex Steeves

After injuries kept Alex Steeves out of the tournament last year, he made the most of it this year. During this tournament, Steeves appeared to have pushed himself to another level. His speed and work ethic are outstanding. Steeves was all over the ice and getting involved in everything. He’s always willing to battle in the corners or along the boards. While controlling the puck, he protects the puck very well. He has a real shot at challenging for a spot on the Toronto Maple Leafs roster.

Nick Abruzzese

Nick Abruzzese displayed his competitive nature and work ethic throughout the tournament. He showed off his speed, agility, and puck control. His patience and vision were on full display as he was making plays and skating hard to the middle of the ice for a high-danger shot. Abruzzese is close to making the jump up to the NHL, so fans should keep their eyes open for this kid.

Pontus Holmberg

Pontus Holmberg finished the tournament with three assists. His game is quiet yet effective. He has a great hockey IQ and the awareness to always be in position while forechecking. Holmberg uses his body well to separate players from the puck to regain possession. He is aggressive on the attack and applies pressure on the defender to create turnovers. His season will start in the AHL, but it won’t be long before he is playing in the NHL.

Nick Robertson

Nick Robertson used his quick bursts of speed to be elusive in the offensive zone. He skates hard to the middle of the ice and forces defenders back when he enters the offensive zone. There were times when Robertson got a little too patient while waiting to shoot and was late getting shots off. Overall, he utilized his quick release and made most of his shots count. He played with determination every shift and got involved in every play. Robertson’s next goal is to make the Toronto Maple Leafs roster out of training camp.

Pavel Gogolev

Pavel Gogolev used his heavy shot to generate a lot of quality scoring chances. His puck protection skills were impressive throughout the tournament. He remained an offensive presence in and around the net.

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One thing that stood out was his ability to protect the puck while accelerating to pass opposing players. He has a good burst of speed and knows when to use it.