Matthews Is Right: Toronto Maple Leafs Need New Goal Song

The Toronto Maple Leafs need a new goal song.

Auston Matthews mentioned in an interview a few days ago that he “wouldn’t mind hearing something different” and the Toronto Maple Leafs superstar is completely right.

Sorry Hall & Oates, but it’s time to retire “You Make My Dreams (Come True).”

So what should the goal song be?

Depending on your age, you may want to go with an old rock classic, or a modern pop song. However, when it comes to goal songs, it needs to match the identity of the team and or the city.

Toronto is a financial hot-spot, but the real fans seem to be your blue-collar, hard-working individuals. The lower-bowl may be filled with Bay Street suit’s, but the upper-bowl is where your real Leafs fans bleed blue-and-white.

So, how can you capture all of that in one song?

Toronto Maple Leafs Need New Goal Song

Well, the easiest solution is that you could just play Kardinal Offishall’s “The Anthem” and blare “I’m from the T dot oh” whenever the Leafs score.

That song is the easiest representation of Toronto and it captures everything you need to know about the city. However, Kardinal already performed that song live for the Toronto Raptors during Game 1 of the NBA Finals, so it feels like the Raptors own that one.

So, if you can’t use “The Anthem,” what else can they use?

Well, fortunately for Toronto, the music scene is endless and some of the biggest artists in the world are from here. Drake, The Weekend and Justin Bieber are all from the Toronto area, with Bieber most famously representing the Leafs everywhere he goes, as he’s seemingly a die-hard fan.

You could go with a Bieber song to make Matthews’ happy, but the unfortunate part is that he doesn’t have any hard-hitting songs. A lot of them are pop-classic’s but don’t slap enough when a big goal goes in.

If you were to pick one Bieber song, I’d personally love to hear “Sorry” when the Leafs score because of the hilarity of the subtle chirp of saying sorry to your opponent for scoring on them.

With one million songs to choose from, there are two solutions in my opinion to make the goal song either unique or a Toronto classic.

First, you could go with individualized goal songs. In baseball, every player has their own “walk-up song,” so why can’t we have a goal-song for every player? It could add a different element to the game and make every player happy to hear their favorite song when they score, which no other NHL team has done.

Imagine Justin Holl finally scoring his first goal of the campaign 45 games into the season and finding out that his goal song is a classic Brittany Spears song or something? It would be hilarious and unique and it would also allow each player to show their personality.

I don’t think that will eventually fly, but my solution for the Leafs goal song is to pick a rock song by a band from Toronto and there’s no better band to choose than “Rush.”

Whether it’s “Limelight,” “Tom Sayer” or another classic, I think the Toronto Maple Leafs would be best fitted going with a real rock song and something from a band that’s local. “Rush” captivates that perfectly and hopefully we see a change soon.