Toronto Maple Leafs: Kyle Dubas Is Safe Regardless of Playoff Results

Kyle Dubas’ job will be safe if the Toronto Maple Leafs have another early playoff exit.

Simply put, the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a very strong position right now. They’ve just played their best regular season in franchise history and the team is blossoming into the team we always expected.

To suggest that Kyle Dubas may lose his job if indeed the team bows out in the first round again seems a little far-fetched.

Granted, there will likely be other departures if such a scenario befell the side, but this one doesn’t seem like it’s truly fathomable.

Kyle Dubas Has Built a Successful Toronto Maple Leafs Team

The hurdle of the first round is always going to be attached to this Toronto Maple Leafs group and by extension of that to Kyle Dubas.

However, he shouldn’t be credited with a team that is lacking resilience or the strength of character to go beyond the first round. It’s not like Dubas hasn’t attempted to fill any gaps in that regard. Indeed, the likes of Jake Muzzin, Jason Spezza and Mark Giordano have all arrived on his watch and are those veteran leaders that should help push beyond that.

This isn’t of course to say that Kyle Dubas is flawless. Just this season, he signed Nick Ritchie to an over-priced contract that eventually cost a draft pick to rid the team of.

Let’s not forget though that in getting rid of Nick Ritchie, he managed to land Ilya Lyubushkin. He has proven a very valuable addition for both his physicality and defense, as well as (surprisingly) his ability to join the rush and delay dishing passes to Colin Blackwell!

Likewise, the addition of Colin Blackwell is underrated; he’s quietly gotten a job done on the fourth line when in all reality he was a throw-in to the bigger prize of Mark Giordano.

The additions of Michael Bunting and David Kampf have already been spoken about plenty; both playing big roles in the Toronto Maple Leafs line-up, whether it be as sidekick to the superstars or to centring that checking line that was missing.

What hasn’t been mentioned though is the deals they’re both on are in fact two-year deals meaning they’ll be paid cheaply for one more year before hitting free agency.

Absolutely, Dubas has painted himself into a corner with some of his big contracts, with the John Tavares deal looking questionable right now. However, he’s built a strong patchwork around them that must not be overlooked.

Of course, there’s going to be some huge challenges around who stays and goes this summer, but that’s not something to look at right now.

Right now, the Toronto Maple Leafs may be about to clear the key first hurdle, which will mean Dubas’ seat is barely even warm!!