Toronto Maple Leafs Biggest Fan is Kurtis From Alberta

Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

If you think you’re the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fan in the world, think again. That title belongs to Kurtis Stevenson from Redcliff, Alberta.

Located over 3,000 kilometers away from Scotiabank Arena, Kurtis Stevenson is clearly the biggest Toronto Maple Leafs fan in the world. Under the Twitter handle @leafsguy403, Stevenson has grown his following to over 2,800 people since joining the website in November, 2020.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out his Twitter page, I highly recommend you do. It’s filled with Leafs videos hyping up the fanbase, but more enjoyably, showcases a room that would make any Leafs fan jealous.

Speaking of his room, Stevenson has 110 game-worn jerseys that fill his walls. In addition to the jerseys, he has game-worn skates, sticks, helmets, pants and gloves from almost every player you can think of. If you’ve seen his videos, you can see that he has a few mannequins that are dressed head-to-toe in game-worn Leafs gear that keep him company while watching every game.

Kurtis Stevenson Is Toronto Maple Leafs Biggest Fan

A self-proclaimed “small town average shmuck who loves drinking beer and (watching) the Leafs,” Stevenson has brought a ton of joy to Leafs Twitter, that is typically bleak. If you’ve followed the team online, through comment sections, Twitter or Reddit boards, most people commenting are bringing negativity to the space, no matter how well the team is playing.

Stevenson, on the other hand, brings a warm and positive mindset that is very welcoming. Maybe it’s the small-town roots or being located so far away from the mecca of hockey, but Stevenson’s Twitter page is a fun one to follow on a daily basis.

From speaking to Stevenson and following his page for awhile, the biggest question I always thought to myself was “how does someone from Alberta become a die-hard Leafs fan?”

Well you can thank Hockey Night in Canada for that answer as he was able to watch CBC every Saturday night, where Toronto would always play the early game. With a two-hour time-difference, Leafs games always came on at 5:00PM, so from a very young age, he could always stay up for the entirety of the Leafs game, while the Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers game that came on after were sometimes harder to stay awake for.

The dedication to his collection and loyalty to Leafs Nation has stuck with him his entire life. His wife and four kids all support his wonderful habit, although I’m sure he’d love to convert his son from being an Edmonton Oilers fan to a Leafs fan one-day.

Like many Leafs fans, Stevenson is superstitious. HIs collection was never supposed to be broadcast to the world, but instead was supposed to be his slice of heaven. However, after so many years of losing, he figured he showcase it to the world, because in his words “what the heck did we have to lose” anyway.

Since Stevenson lives in Alberta, he’s only able to attend a few Leafs games per year when Toronto visits Calgary and/or Edmonton, but he watches every game from home and enjoys a cold-beer from arguably the coolest Toronto Maple Leafs beer-dispenser in the world.

Although some find Stevenson’s obsession a bit extreme, if you listen to his messaging and understand that his fandom is coming from a loving-place, you’d really start to appreciate what he’s doing for Leafs Nation. (For more on Kurtis, check out this interview that Jeremy did with him a while back).

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For a man who seemingly has every piece of Toronto Maple Leafs memorabilia in the world, the only thing he’s missing is Stanley Cup winning merchandise, so let’s hope his favorite team can provide that to him in the very near future.