Toronto Maple Leafs Games Postponed As NHL Sends Bad Message

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had two more games postponed.

The NHL has postponed two games the Toronto Maple Leafs were scheduled to play next week. This time, it’s not because of Covid, but just good old fashioned greed.

The NHL, you see, doesn’t care about the impacts of having 20 000 people going to a hockey game during the height of a pandemic because the costs of those people passing around the disease are offloaded to the community and the government.

But it can’t abide playing in half empty arenas, because even though the league is run by billionaires and played by millionaires, they need the money.

Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule

It’s gross, and like the idea of letting asymptomatic players play, it’s negligent and greedy.

Ironically, this is probably a good thing because the last thing Toronto needs right now is a gathering of even half the Air Canada Centre.  The NHL has lost a ton of money – like pretty much everyone else – over the last two years, but cancelling games due to money concerns is a bad look from any angle.

Without getting into all of the reasons, the main one is just that, at this point, you’d think they’d want get in as many games as they can.  Cancelling games that could otherwise happen is just asking for trouble.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will now play just twice in 24 days, though maybe this is a lucky break because with them barely being able to cobble together a full roster, their four games in six nights that they were supposed to do next week was probably going to be pretty rough.

Yesterday’s other big news was a whiny post from millionaire Brad Marchand who is upset that there is  now a chance that not every single one of his childhood dreams will come true. The poor guy can’t go to the Olympics and he’s just so mad about it he completely forget the reason they aren’t going.  (The 5 week quarantine!).

Anyways, Marchand is the least popular player to ever be as good as he is, and this likely won’t change things.  May all his other dreams come true, however.  We’re wishing for you, big guy!

Finally, today’s Finland game was cancelled (give you one guess why) and that means we won’t be able to watch Topi Niemela or Roni Hirvonin, but it does mean some extra time with Metroid Dread.