The Toronto Maple Leafs Go All Hollywood On Us – And Play Late

The Toronto Maple Leafs began a four-game road trip in auspicious fashion Sunday night as they delivered a Stone-Cold Stunner to Islanders, who had previously been fighting simultaneous battles against regression and Covid.

The Toronto Maple Leafs exacted Tavares’ Revenge then began a quest along the Oregon Trail to the town of Los Angeles, to face the resurgent and exciting LA Kings.

Hey wait a minute – didn’t these two teams make a lot of trades in the last couple years?  You know what that means (*cue celebratory noisemaker, trumpet and confetti eruption) – it’s a RETURN TO THE OLD TEAM situation, which, loyal readers, you know very well is my most favorite thing in the entire world.  (Other than when Mother brings me a grilled cheese during a sweet blogging sesh).

Jack Campbell returning to the team that traded him.  Sean Durzi maybe getting into the lineup against the team that traded him. Kyle Clifford, re-traded for, and ready to face the team that traded for him, and by Poseidon’s Pitchfork,  isn’t Jake “the Muzz Man” Muzzin also facing off against his old team?

Toronto Maple Leafs Game Preview

My friends, the story lines for this game write themselves :

“Well Pat, I don’t hold any grudges, but you know, it always feels good to see the boys again.  Some guys down play it, but you know it means something” * Flashes toothless grin –

You know, that type of thing.

Can’t blame ’em though – the pre-game post is an art form and some guys just don’t know how to do it.  Lineup change.

The trick – starting goalies – is to find a narrative angle and really dig in.  The ex-player against his old team stories are like Stairway to Heaven of the game preview in that no one really wants to hear it anymore, but darn it if we can do any better.  * finger-picked guitar solo  –

Keys to the Game was always my favorite, and one good joke you can make after a loss is “I guess we left our keys under the couch cushion” but no one ever makes it.

For instance a key to tonight’s game is scoring goals.  Whoever scores the most will win.  The team I hope does this is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a reason why I think they will is because Auston Matthews is overdue for some goals – random statistics – and mayhap tonight be the thy night to don thy stick of many goals.

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost to the Kings a couple weeks ago – it put an end to one of what appears to eventually be many –  five game winning streaks.  Will they get revenge, or will it be like against Pittsburgh where they lost two in a row?

There’s only two options, but find out tonight – after hours, as it’s a late game.