Toronto Maple Leafs Will Be Well Represented At the Winter Olympics

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Team Latvia is not considered to be a contender at the Olympics, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to play against. Latvia has had some very competitive games in recent years.

They tend to play a feisty style similar to Switzerland. A team can never take them lightly, because they will surprise you. If you’re not careful, they will take advantage of any opportunity given to them.

Latvia may not have the same caliber of talented superstars such as Canada or Sweden, but they know how to wear a team down and take advantage of the other team’s mistakes.

Team Latvia will have one member of the Toronto Maple Leafs on their team in Beijing. That player will be defenseman Kristian Rubins. Latvia will be looking for Rubins to use his large 6’5, 227 lbs. frame to wear down other teams.

Rubins currently has three points in eight games for the Toronto Marlies this season. He is an important member of the Marlies, and he will be looking to be a key member of Team Latvia in February.

Final Thoughts on Toronto Maple Leafs Going to Olympics

I always look forward to the Winter Olympics and cheering for Team Canada on their quest for Gold. As a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I also like to pay close attention to how well our players from other countries are doing as well.

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Toronto could be very heavily represented at the 2022 Olympics and we should be proud of all of them.