Toronto Maple Leafs to Use Emergency Goalie in Game vs Senators

Timothy Liljegren (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Timothy Liljegren (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

Like a good soap opera, the Toronto Maple Leafs are never boring.

Frustrating, mercurial, maddening, and even heart-wrenchingly terrible at times, the Toronto Maple Leafs are always entertaining.

Case in point: It’s game three of the season and an injury to goalie Petr Mrazek has led to the Leafs signing U of T goalie Alex Bishop to back up Jack Campbell tonight.

This is because the Leafs also had an injury to Justin Holl, so they could either have entered tonight’s game short a player, or short a back-up goalie.

Now, this is a pretty obvious choice because what are the odds a back-up goalie is needed due to injury in two straight games?  For a normal team? Almost zero.  The Leafs though? It’s a near certainty that Bishop makes his NHL debut tonight!* **

Cue the whining about how the Leasf mismanaged there cap, but don’t think for a second about how their choice to load up on star players has created the NHL’s best roster and a perennial cup contender.

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In much less entertaining – but more positive news, Timothy Liljegren will make his 2021-22 debut tonight in place of Justin Holl.

Now, given the back-up situation, you know that Holl is actually injured/sick, but if he were being healthy scratched, that would be a just response to his performance in the first two games.

The Leafs duo of Muzzin and Holl have been absolutely horrific in the team’s first two games. Holl likely isn’t going to keep his job ahead of Liljegren for long anyways, and this probably just quickens the process.

Let’s face it, Holl has done admirably for a late-bloomer being forced into top-four minutes, but his talent and abilities are a notch or two below Liljegren’s.

Liljegren has to play – he’s an NHL player with nothing to prove anywhere else.  He has a Calder Cup and has become something close to the top defenseman in the AHL. He’s performed well (if not spectacularly) whenever given the opportunity and he’s one of the Leafs six best defenseman.

If Liljegren and Sandin breakout, and Muzzin hasn’t fallen off a cliff, then the Leafs likely have one of the best bluelines in the NHL.

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As for tonight’s game, you hate to use the phrase “must win” this early in the season, but I just don’t want to listen to Leafs fans tomorrow if they lose back-to-back games against the Senators.

I bet the players feel the same, so I expect a thorough crushing of Ottawa tonight.

*I’m kidding.  ** I think I am, at least.