The Most Unbelievable Customized Toronto Maple Leafs Items on Twitter

Some of the customized Toronto Maple Leafs items on twitter will really surprise you. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Some of the customized Toronto Maple Leafs items on twitter will really surprise you. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images) /

From functional to wild and wacky, people love transforming unique items into customized Toronto Maple Leafs possessions. These are the best to be posted on Twitter.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the best and some of the most loyal fans of any professional sports team. That’s why they show their support in unique ways.

People have gone to great lengths to customize and improve items by turning them into Maple Leafs things.

Here are the best and most unbelievable of them all.

Customized Toronto Maple Leafs Items

There’s no better way to display your love for blue and white than to wear it on your sleeve . . . or arm . . . or leg. When getting a tattoo of a beloved pet, there’s a way to upgrade it. Michael Dulson proved it with his unique Maple Leafs ink. Sadly, at the time that this was written, the Maple Leafs didn’t come through for Dulson and start following him on Twitter.

If a tattoo isn’t visible enough to prove you’re a member of Leafs Nation, how about using the real estate over your mouth? That brings us to a very functional and useful item right now. In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, masks are one of the best weapons we have. Sammy decided to take the fight to the novel coronavirus while looking good doing it by making Leafs face masks.

Sammy may have donated the masks but there’s no way that Andrew is donating the sweet kicks that were customized just for him. They look great, complete with his name and William Nylander’s old number, 29.

If you liked Andrew’s sneakers then there’s no doubt that you’ll also enjoy these custom Air Jordan 11s. Sneakerheads, this one is for you.

Dressing up your feet doesn’t have to be limited to the street. Here we have a beautiful paint job, turning an ordinary pair of Bauer skates into an homage to Mitch Marner.

It appears as though adding the Leafs to something important transforms it into a prized possession. What would happen if the Maple Leafs were injected into someone’s most special day? Magic. Just ask Daria Stratton who owns the best wedding dress ever made.

Not to be outdone, a couple decided that it wanted everyone to get a taste of the Maple Leafs at their wedding. That’s why all their guests had the chance to enjoy a custom five-tier Leafs cake.

Ask yourself, what’s the most appropriate look when going to a Maple Leafs-themed wedding? The answer is simple, a blue Maple Leafs beard.

Ok. Maybe, the blue beard isn’t the best accessory for a black-tie affair. Instead, how about a custom suit? Auston Matthews is all set here.

There are also more subtle ways to show you love the Leafs at your own wedding. Drew Broda shows that it’s as simple as a pair of Maple Leafs cufflinks and a custom blue suit.

Even though Broda looks like a champion in his best threads, everyone knows that a champ needs a title belt. This next item is an undisputed winner.

It doesn’t matter where you live, one of the time tested ways of showing your fandom is via the hood of your car. Doug King took it to the extreme in 2013 when he dressed up his van to drive around Newfoundland.

Giving your car a makeover isn’t just a 2013 thing. It’s still happening in 2021. We thank Sammy for spotting this minivan in the LCBO parking lot.

Using your wheels to profess your love for the Buds doesn’t just have to be an adult thing. Just ask Caden who rode into turning five on his TML bicycle.

Riding a Leafs bike around town can really build up an appetite. If there’s no Maple Leafs wedding cake available, the next best option is some Leafs toast, made using this special toaster.

There’s no doubt that young Leafs fans like their Leafs toast. They must love their teacher, Mr. Montgo, if he’s letting them enjoy their learning and Leafs fandom in comfort.

This brings us to what must be the absolute most unbelievable Toronto Maple Leafs item ever made. It’s the final resting place superfan and former season ticket holder, Ken Simmons.

It says a lot about a team to be able to have loyal fans from birth to death. The connection the team has with Leafs Nation is beyond comparison.

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The next time you’re putting the finishing touches on your homemade Maple Leafs clogs, crib, or music box, make sure to capture lots of pictures. Then post them online for the rest of the fanbase to enjoy too. We thank you for it.